Tuesday, October 28, 2008

non-optimal schedules

Well, despite having loads of people planning the station opening sequence all winter, things aren't really working out so smoothly now we're actually in the process. The Basler crews got down here and then had to take two full days off flights. Then, there's days this week where Pole isn't the primary destination for the Basler. I guess we're an alternate destination for the flights should the weather at Siple Dome or WAIS Divide be inclement. It seems strange to prioritize opening field camps, where there were no winter crews, when you've got a major station like Pole with 57 winterovers that might like to leave after 9-13 months (or longer in some cases) on the Ice. Rumors are rampant here, and you just have to let them slide off you. Flight changes seemed to be happening nearly hourly yesterday, so who knows what the next few days will pan out to be like.

Regardless, the prospect of having a delayed return to the World is turning out to be quite a bummer.


Jeff Lutz said...

Believe it or not I feel your pain. When I was a met 94-95 winter, we had a week of delay due to our weather. I got frustrated with people wanting us to observe something different.

Jeff Lutz

Becky said...

It's a right bugger-all. Sorry that it's being the usual clusterfu*k. Here's hoping you get some green in your life real soon now.