Thursday, September 11, 2008

Long time, no write

Sorry for the dearth of posts this week. I've been really busy with a variety of work-related activities, particularly my efforts to get the hardware for one of my projects that studies UV radiation reinstalled atop the roof of the Atmospheric Research Observatory. There are three instruments and one GPS receiver that don't stay outside during the winter, which is coincidentally when there isn't any UV here at Pole, so I had to reinstall and verify that they were all working. It seems like everything is running nominally, so that's a bit of a relief.

The big Damoclean sword hanging over my head is now all the writing that I have to do. Between end-of-season reports, turnover reports for multiple positions I hold, SOPs, and other lab documentation I have what feels like another thesis to get through in these last few months on the Ice.

We took our winterover photo this week out at Spoolhenge. That "landmark" is just a bunch of cable spools that have been stacked up out on the (grid) southeast corner of the station. I walked straight there from ARO, and pretty much the whole way got to see lots of the "yukimarimo" puffballs made of windblown snow. I even saw some interesting ones that weren't round, but were more cylindrical or hot dog-shaped.

So, other than a bunch of work and not loads of play, that's about all that has been reasonably interesting this week. I'll take some pictures as soon as it isn't so very overcast here. The colors in the sky have been brilliant when the sky has been clear, and it's really remarkable to see this place clearly again.

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