Saturday, September 6, 2008

The shades come off

Well, yesterday we got to take the covers off the windows in the new station. It didn't really open us up to the outside world, though. The windows are so heavily tinted that they just look like black mirrors with as little light as there is outside. That will change soon enough, and we'll be cursing the low-angle sun blinding us during meals in the galley once again. It actually makes it seem more night-like with those black windows all over the place, but when you go outside it definitely is a whole lot brighter.

I've started the process of setting some equipment back up for the summer, so things are starting to come full circle. The first flight into McMurdo happened on Thursday, so the continent is once again open for business. We won't be seeing anybody (or any fresh fruit) here at Pole until the last week or so of October. It's now just under two weeks until the sun rises here, which means that the bands are going to be shifting back into overdrive to get our sets prepared for the sunrise party.

Being Sunday, I'm naturally looking forward to my weekly installment of Sunday Select Cinema. Tonight we're watching "The Third Man", which should be a good one. I think a lot of folks weren't really captivated by the preview for it last week, so we will probably have a bit smaller audience than the last few weeks. Maybe some folks will at least come to watch the trailer "reel".

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