Thursday, November 1, 2012

(Maybe) penultimate day almost done

Today was one of those late-season turnover days that really take the stuffing out of a (summer-) winterover.  It seemed like I was running here and there all day long, with big additions to my schedule by other folks coming out of the blue.  Hopefully I'll be able to get my three boxes mailed without issue this evening and be rid of them until I get home.  I opted not to check any luggage, so skipped bag-dragging (and got called later by Cargo to verify I really didn't have any).  I just jammed the last of my stuff, minus some ECW bits and the despised Big Red parka in the one orange duffel bag I have left.  It actually all fit, which was a nice surprise.  I suppose what feels like a giant carry-on for me is par for a lot of other people.

And, no; no plans for travel home yet.

I don't feel too toasty, but I know I'm tired.  I'm sure it shows up some in my appearance and in conversation, but what's a guy on his 367th straight day of work to do?
"The only certain freedom's in departure."
~Robert Frost