Monday, November 26, 2012

and...I'm spent

So, the final pre-home stop of note was the Grand Canyon.  It felt strange to not go hiking down to the bottom, but it wasn't in the cards for this trip.  Neither was heading to Phoenix to hang with Mr. H's band (sorry).  

If you look closely, you can see a suspension bridge over the Colorado River.  I recall the grating on the bottom looked like it disappeared when I ran over it as a boy.
 This was quite the change of landscape from the Antarctic Plateau for a year without a break.
It wasn't all big empty spaces and tranquil quiet...
Eventually the sun set on our visit there and the shadows grew long upon the canyon.
On his moon landing:
“It’s like trying to describe what you feel when you're standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon or remembering your first love or the birth of your child. You have to be there to really know what it's like.”

~Jack Schmitt, Apollo 17 astronaut


Teacher said...

You are right next door to Schmidtt's state you know. He lives in the southern part of NM.

Becky said...

Lovely pics! Welcome back to the states. Now go take another nap. :)

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