Monday, August 17, 2009

East coast recap

Well, I returned quite late on Friday night after a nice visit to see some erstwhile colleagues at NASA Goddard and a couple flights back to Kansas. My next trip will be next week, though I have no details about the travel itinerary as of yet. Anyhow, here are a few pics from my trip to the east coast.

"The Green" at Dartmouth College; I felt quite the "prole" while walking around in Hanover. I also think that place must have the highest rate of Volvo drivers that I've ever encountered. It didn't matter much, though. The country is really gorgeous in that part of the world, no matter how far out of my normal social stratification I might have felt.

On Thursday, on my way back to Maryland from Delaware, I stopped first at New Castle, DE. It has enough age to not quite feel like most of the U.S., and almost has a tinge of the Old World to it. I just wandered around the streets for a while in the rain after parking near the old courthouse.

A short way down the Delaware River, I stopped at Delaware City and took the ferry to Fort Delaware (sure creative with the names there, huh?) out on Pea Patch Island. This old fort never saw any battle, but was used as a POW camp for interned CSA soldiers. I'm just amazed that it hasn't sunk into the river, given how soggy the island and the fort itself are. The granite facade was nifty, but I wonder how well that would have even held up to bombardment with artillery contemporary to its time of construction (1859).

I'll be heading west for the next trip, which will be a lot more succinct (I assume) than this past trip. I don't think there will likely be much of a chance to play sightseer, but will work with whatever time I am afforded.

“You can’t stop a man from wishin’.”
~Hogan (Clint Eastwood), Two Mules for Sister Sara

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