Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Green wave breaks

Even though the cooler temperatures have managed to persist here, the green wave of spring has certainly arrived.  There have been a few days of really nice and warm weather, but for the most part it has remained cool thus far.  That is fine with me.  The blistering heat of summer will be here soon enough, and with a few nice rains under our belt, perhaps we will be on our way to recouping some of the precipitation deficit of the last few years.  Hopefully.

We got to have my brother’s kids here for a few days of long-weekend fun.  It is interesting to see them both mature and interact with each other.  I find it strange, but fun, to see the wee lad doing similar things around the house that I remember his father doing.  Pulling things out of the kitchen cabinets to play with really rang a bell!

The question of figuring out what comes next remains unsolved.  I am still assessing available options, and trying to figure out a timeline for my own actions while remaining flexible for whatever might arise sooner versus later.  My spirits are still doing fine.  I guess this is a skill honed with plenty of practice.

My best wishes and thoughts are for you, Boston.
“There are people who observe the rules of honor as we observe the stars: from a distance.”
~Victor Hugo