Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Station’s Dirty Laundry

We do get to do one load of laundry per week here at Pole, though I personally get by easily doing it every second week.  This winter there were new high-efficiency washers that were installed.  We have the same old dryers, with only 4 of 6 units available in the laundry room that actually work.  That is the way it has been as long as I have been coming down here, so I’m not entirely sure what is faulty with the inoperable two, but I’ve heard it rumored they run too hot.

So, there is the view when you enter from the level one hallway here in the elevated station.

And, there is the view looking back toward the door.

And, for you really curious cats, here is the view behind the dryers for the sake of completeness.

Like I mentioned, we are allowed one load per week, but there are no controls on whether that rule is adhered to.  The same goes for two 2-minute showers per week, which I think is a stricture that is likely more routinely disregarded.  I prefer one shower of approximately 2 minutes in duration per week, and just use my other 2 minutes “credit” as a buffer if I need to run a slight bit long.
“The proximity of a desirable thing tempts one to overindulgence. On that path lies danger.”
~Frank Herbert


Teacher said...

Don't forget to save an empty soap box so you can stand on it when you have something to say....

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