Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Holding Pattern…Engage!

I extend my apologies for the lapse in posting.  There really has not been much of note to go on lately besides the usual rigmarole of work.  The push for station opening tasks has begun, but temperatures have still been a bit below the mark for machine operation a good deal of the time.  This still doesn’t keep us robust humans from working outside, so I have done a few extra chores outside including some snow removal from the station roof (look out below!) and tracking down some cargo for next summer out on the berms (long piles of stuff cryptically arrayed in long lines downwind of the station and variously buried under drifted snow).  McMurdo Station opened its summer season with some flights this week, so we (Pole) have had to provide some back-up communications support for that.

The sun is now bright in the grid west window of the gym during my morning workouts.  It sure is nice to be able to skip the harsh fluorescent lighting at long last.   Hopefully the pacific calm of the 4:45-5:45 AM time in there will survive station opening.
“I begin to think that we are too comfortable in the hut, and hope it will not make us slack...”
~Robert Falcon Scott, Terra Nova Journals