Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spectrum of Opinion

Last Saturday evening we had another session of bingo.  The theme this time was superheroes, and I threw together a basic costume for Cyclops from the X-Men, though I doubt Cyclops has ever been depicted with a bad mustache and skin quite so pasty as mine currently is (I’m hitting the transparent epidermal threshold after being without sunshine for so long now).
 The moon is up now, and folks are talking of being able to see some faint sign of sunlight once it’s down again.  The cart (end of season/redeployment) has been put before the horse (the remainder of winter) so long ago that I think a lot of our newbies are going to have a bit of a tough time swallowing how long we really have to go.  Of course, with no real details or movement on our redeployment travel yet received, it’s not like we can really consider ourselves to be going anywhere yet at all, even once the station opens in Oct./Nov.  Of course, to some the winter will have seemed to flown by and they don’t want it to end, while for others it has probably dragged and seemed like an eternity.  Points of view are probably going to vary wildly for this season’s success, but that is probably the case with each and every one.
“Man is the measure.”
~”The Machine Stops”, E.M. Forster


msubobcats said...

FYI - My uncle passed away a couple of weeks ago, who worked with Apollo, Skylab and the Shuttle. Google his name, Alan Glines, and you'll read more about him including the obit. We got notes from Alan Bean, Gene Krantz, Story Musgrave, and others. Hutchison has asked us to to donate his Pres Medal of Freedom and many other momentos to them, which we will do.
Jeff Glines

Becky said...

Just getting some daylight will be a nice change, eh? And, no doubt, drive a few folks round that last bend.

EthanG said...

Jeff, I'm very sorry to hear of your uncle's passing. It's a shame we never got to cross paths; it always sounded like he was one who had really been there and done that. That's very cool about the notes from those other movers and shakers, and I look forward to seeing his mementos at the Cosmosphere. My most sincere condolences to you.


Becky, I don't really care so much about sunlight as airplanes. As early as some folks have been fixating on leaving, I'm sure the big delay between sunrise and station opening (let alone redeployment) will wreak some havoc.

Teacher said...

I don't think Scott Summers has ever been depicted with a mustache, but then I could be wrong as X-Men wasn't one I followed. But now you've caused me to ask my comic encyclopedic friends and the investigation is on! Still, good costume!

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