Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cinematic commute scenery

Well, the wind is back up again, but the moonlight is still making it oh so easy to see outside.  It’s definitely a luxury, and it’s nice to have faster transits with fewer trips and falls.  Of course, I always end up laughing when I fall outside; the bigger the fall, the harder and longer I laugh.  It just seems like something absurd, compared to normal life, where if you took a big header like some of these you would be picking pebbles out of your road rash.

I spotted this little scene a couple days ago, and knew it would look pretty cool.  Perhaps it leapt out at me more readily, since I’ve had Blade Runner on my mind with its thirtieth anniversary just last month and me showing it this Thursday night.  It looks nice in color,…

…but I think I dig the black and white even more. 

The exotic subject is simply some of the power conduits in the Beer Can, with interesting lighting coming through the slatted decking above.  It certainly reminds me of the carbonite chamber scene in “The Empire Strikes Back”.
Also, a very happy 4th of July to folks back home.  Mind those fireworks and dry landscapes…

“...it takes many thousands of years of advanced technological development for a society to reduce honor to an abstract moral truism devoid of real meaning.”
~Luke Skywalker, “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye”

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