Sunday, March 25, 2012

Settling In

After some windy days with gusts over 30 knots, the skies are clearing and the temps are dropping into the -70°F range as the insulating layer disappears. There is a bit of a rosy glow out there, and it is a nice change of pace from the bi-color white and blue palette of the summer.

I have started working on some acoustic guitar songs to play solo if there might be an open mic night in the future here. I have also been playing around with my little guitar effects device (KORG Pandora PX4D), mostly using a synthesizer setting to play some of the intro music from the seminal dark future classic “Blade Runner”.

This is will be a big week for me. I will lose my job with one government contractor and be hired by another. My extended family will be extended by another person, which is rather exciting. And, we will finish up a successful month of Thursday night movies (the original Pole winter 2012 movie venue) along the theme of martial arts. I present those in no particular order, but you can probably infer what I really care about the most.

In general, the routine here has been laid for this chapter of the winter, and soon enough the winter-only projects will begin as it gets dark enough and a slightly new routine will hold sway until the horizon begins to glow again.

“…this was indeed a serious business: when the snow fell, getting out of here would not be a matter of an hour’s drive {to Sidewinder} but a major operation. They would sit up here in this deserted grand hotel, eating the food that had been left them like creatures in a fairy tale and listening to the bitter wind around their snowbound eaves.”

~ Stephen King, The Shining

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