Friday, March 16, 2012

Few pics from the 'hood

As promised, here are a few pictures taken out and about at Pole in the last several days.

"The plume" of the power plant, though unsightly, is a welcome omen that electrons are flowing at Pole. The sun continues its yearly plunge over the cryogenics facility.

A bit of wind kicks up ice crystals and drops visibility on the way back to the elevated station from the Atmospheric Research Observatory (ARO).

A darkened control room for some instruments run by yours truly at the Atmospheric Research Observatory.

Another view of the sun as it descends, shining through the pall of blowing ice and snow.

Two years later, and I'm in the same berthing room, with a slightly different view. The depression where the Dome was has drifted in some, but you can still discern it is lower than the surrounding areas. Vents for the sub-ice arches and the smokers' shack and its outhouse a present in the foreground.

“Beautiful! Beautiful! Magnificent desolation.”

~Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr.


Becky said...

So can you go tray-sledding down the slope into the hole where the dome used to be?

EthanG said...

Unfortunately it's not nearly inclined enough for recreational purposes.

Becky said...

Add some water-ice capades!

Charles Nehlig said...

Eathan today's webcam 19:20:03 UT shows you arriving thru the mist - that shot tell it like it is! Will you do that when it's dark?