Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Still here, still windy

The forecast looks like we winter leftovers probably won't be leaving Pole until Friday. The clouds cleared up overnight, but the wind is still blowing pretty strong and carrying quite a lot of visibility-decreasing snow along with it. Oh well, planes will fly when they fly. I just hope I'm on my flight to {destination redacted} a week from this Thursday.

Sunday night I had what (I hope) to be the last of my movie nights. It's a great flick, and seemed only to obvious and germane a choice to pass up.

A roped flag line was actually set up from the station to Summer Camp. I guess it was the conservative move, given the fact we have so many new-to-Pole/Antarctica folks at Pole now, but seems a bit odd from the perspective of somebody who has spent a couple winters walking around in the dark/wind/storms. Better safe than sorry.

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”
~Leo Tolstoy


Becky said...

I think it's useful to be reminded that we are not really in control of much of our lives-every time people complain about weather problems with flight I want to ask them-would you rather try to land in a thunderstorm? It is horribly aggravating to have to get ready and then stand down over and over. They do seem to have gotten folks down to Pole pretty early this year-And better to wait than to die on the approach to McMurdo, no? You could even have a day off!

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