Sunday, May 10, 2009

Critters and floods and greenery, oh my!

Well, things have been greening up quickly, and it's quite a cacophony of bird calls and frogs talking outside here, depending upon the time of day. This little guy paid us a visit, and didn't seem too intimidated by our proximity.

We also seem to have a bunch of stray cats in the neighborhood that seem to make the rounds to all the houses where they can find something to eat.

Thursday night we had some really hard rain, but the storm cleared off quickly. Our homestead is on the edge of a river valley, with drainage from a CCC lake, so we will fairly often have water over the roads in our neighborhood. It was interesting to see how long the water took to rise after the rain, but it also then did not stay flooded for too long. I wouldn't advise trying to drive down the dirt roads, not only because it puts you at risk of a very expensive towing bill, but it also tears the roadbed up so much. These dirt roads are great to go out and walk/jog on, since they are so much more forgiving a surface than asphalt or gravel. Maybe we should all try to be more like a dirt road in our daily interactions with others.

I still do not having anything decisive to report about my work/job situation. I cannot rightly say when I think that will all be settled, but am just trying to let it run its course and be patient.

“I dreamed a thousand new paths. . . I woke and walked my old one.”
~Chinese Proverb

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