Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Voices from a past life

So, you may recall that in one of my past incarnations I was a happy little resident of the South Pole that also happened to play in a few bands during the winter of 2008. Well, a kind soul that also participated in said musical groups has posted the studio recordings a couple of the bands did on his website, so you can go HERE to listen to them. He recommends you save the files instead of trying to listen to them from the website directly, so go ahead and do Ye Olde Right-Click Dance and enjoy.

I hope to get my car back from the body shop after that walloping it received by the hail storm the night before I set out for Florida. My little car and I have been through a lot in the last half of my life, and I'm happy to still have such a trusty steed upon which I may rely.

Yes, I am still looking for a job/trying to figure out what next to do with my life. I'd like to thank all my friends and family for their support and patience as I go through this process. It's not easy dealing with situations where there is no singular "right" answer. As is my wont, I will let other-more eloquent-folks distill my thoughts and sentiments for me:

Always set high value on spontaneous kindness. He whose inclination prompts him to cultivate your friendship of his own accord will love you more than one whom you have been at pains to attach to you.
~Samuel Johnson

To be capable of steady friendship or lasting love, are the two greatest proofs, not only of goodness of heart, but of strength of mind.
~William Hazlitt

Long days and pleasant nights.


The Frozen Desert said...

ha-ha, we suck.

There have been 7 hits to the website you linked to with the fantastic studio work of those perennial favorites "The Picardis" and "The Scroggin' Wankers".

I have been two of those 7, the drummer was at least one, and you at least 1. That means that not even all of the members of those bands hit at least once!

That giant sucking sound that Ross Perot warned us about was coming from somewhere way-farther south than Mexico!

EthanG said...

Give it time. If you build it, they will come...