Sunday, September 7, 2014

Still here, still working

I'm still here in Houston, chipping away at the training program bit by bit.  Last week I finally got to work my first spacecraft simulation.  It was nice to finally get to put all this "book learning" into action, and I am happy to finally get to the part of the learning curve to bring this all together in a push directly toward working real mission operations again.

Other than work, I haven't really had much of note to report.  I did have my folks visit last weekend, and we made the local tourist circuit around the Clear Lake area.  Otherwise, I generally avoid driving around Houston much.  It's a survival tactic, on my part.  At some point I will get farther afield to some of the state parks and such (out west), but for now I have my hands full here and the focus is just down the road at JSC.

I will get the new work week off to a roaring start tomorrow with my flight physical in the morning (currently fasting for the blood draw and urine sample) and a new hire orientation in the evening.  The latter is just the next step in preparing to take part in a wholesale change of employers as the contract many of us work on ends, and the new contract and set of companies take over on 10/1.

“If you’ve turned away from one road there’s always another-filled with risk but also adventure.  Roads less taken are always the most rewarding ones.”
~Max Allan Collins, Intro to “Road to Perdition”