Monday, September 23, 2013

Turning the crank

Since I last wrote, I have continued to get acclimated to my new digs and environs.  The weather has been fair, despite some rains that rolled through over the weekend.  I have kept myself busy with continuing to research my past for the big upcoming background check, as well as taking care of sundry address changes and such for my bureaucratic entanglements.  Some of the bigger tasks that are almost completed are now just waiting for others to mail me final versions of titles, driver’s licenses, etc.

My apartment complex is quite nice, rather nicer than any I have been in before.  Of course I would not mind an uncluttered vista like the view from my folks’ place back home, but that is not really possible here.  So it is and so it goes for a country mouse in a city house.  After a week in the apartment I am getting used to some of the rhythms of the place.  The gurgle and spurt of sprinklers turning on late woke me up the first few nights.  I also seem to be coming to grips with my paranoia about mold, but will remain vigilant to keep that at bay.

All in all, things are going well and I think I will be well and ready for work to start next Monday. 
“Like many introverts, I'm capable of adopting a persona and going out into a public place if there's a reason to."
~Neal Stephenson, Eurogamer interview pub. 7/5/2012


Science Tech said...

Congrats on the JSC/NASA job!

I was thinking of you because the Palmer RA position may be open next winter. The position may be posted soon. If you can recommend someone who would be a good RA, please let me know.

sciencetech at yahoo daht com


Science Tech said...
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