Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not to forget the details

Here are my mittens I've been using all year.  The left one blew out the palm while doing field work back at the end of summer.  The tape does a decent job, but it does get pretty stiff and slick in the cold.

I've got others I could use, but for some reason I just like seeing how worn out gear can get with a full year's work put on it.  That reminds me that this past Monday was my 300th consecutive day of work.  Having weekends* is going to feel strange after all these contracts at Pole.  Somehow, I think I'll manage to adapt...

*That would be weekends once I'm-way down the road-done flying in space, braving polar climes, excavating lost civilizations, or whatever else I might get myself into on this crazy journey that is life.