Monday, February 20, 2012

(Almost) one week down

Winter has been going pretty well thus far. We still have plenty of sunlight, and the last few hours we’ve had plenty of wind. It isn’t anything too lousy, the visibility is reduced but you can still see things fairly far away, but I guess some (new) folks are concerned about it. Hopefully they’ll learn how far from bad weather this really is before too long.

“Busy” has been the word, with lots of winterizing of the station infrastructure going on. On Saturday a gang of dudes-including this dude-broke down and reeled in the flight line fuel apparatus and the big hose that stretched to the fuel arch. Hopefully this will be the last winter crew that has that cold job, since the line suspended under the station and buried on its way to the flight line will be brought online at long last next summer. Jamesways at Summer Camp have been cleaned and are being shut down and sealed for the winter. At some point soon the flag lines to ARO, the RF building, and the Dark Sector will be put in place. We had our first big house mouse (station cleaning) assignment yesterday, and will continue to do that in a rotation every Monday throughout the winter.

All in all, it has been pretty quiet here thus far. The pacific calm that is now the science lab is a tremendous relief after the persistent din this summer. With luck, and a little personal responsibility, this could be a pretty decent season.
"Social evolution is exasperatingly slow, isn't it, sweetheart?"
~"The Iron Heel" by Jack London


Teacher said...

Is that the short and punctuated, Gurerro-style "dude" or the long drawn out DUUUUDE?

EthanG said...

The former, just a bunch of blokes out working in the cold.