Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cool in many ways

Well, we've been past the -90° F barrier for a while now. I'm not sure how long that will last, or whether we're set to plunge much further towards the century mark. Regardless, it's that time of year that when you come inside after being out for a while, and take off your external layers, you can sort of hold your hands up to them and it feels like a negative fireplace as the cold is perceptible from a fair distance away.

It's actually not all that bad, since the wind is so low right now. The ambient temperature has dropped another 1.3° since I took that screen shot.

One of the cool things about being down here is that technology doesn't seem to go away very quickly. Case in point, we're showing the original "Clash of the Titans" this evening. Is this being shown on Blu-ray, DVD, or some other contemporary media? No, absolutely not: we're watching this classic on vintage Betamax, of which there is a fairly decent collection of movies down here. For those of you in the know, yes, there will be movie previews and a short film. We even did stop-motion animation and special effects to pay homage to Mr. Harryhausen. I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like tonight!
“Wide-sounding Zeus takes away half a man's worth on the day when slavery comes upon him.”
~Homer, The Odyssey


Rev Chong said...

Looks like maybe the 300 club will be revived for the first time since 06...

Desert Tortise said...

And how was the pre-movie show? The new film was fun. We decided that you don't need to see it in 3-D as it is really dark and hard to see all the effects.

Desert Tortise said...

Just picked up the weather from Weather Underground. -98! Almost there!

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