Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grist to be ground

Lots of work and little play seem to be the norm here right now. It's still hard at times to believe/digest we've brought down/replicated Corporate America down here. That sort of contact with the outside world always strikes me as surreal, at the very least. Away from work the perhaps-now-named band is going well. We added several new songs over the last week, and only have 2-3 more new ones to work on between now and New Year's Eve. Here are some pics:

Transmission cable junction for the VLF beacon-we swapped connectors covered up right near the "T" of the wooden support:

Main entrance from outside of Dome:

Empty innards of the Dome-demolition begins shortly:

Exterior of Sky Lab, which I never got to go into, also to be demolished soon:

"Mental bearing (calmness), not skill, is the sign of a matured samurai. A Samurai therefore should neither be pompous nor arrogant."
~Tsukahara Bokuden


Matt said...

Hey Ethan! You cousin Matt here. We are at -4 last I checked and actually made me think of you down there because I know that is just childs play to you down where your at. Hope everything is going good for you. Reading the blogs it sounds like you are keeping busy! Just wanted to stop by and say I have been keeping up with your Vivifying Adventures down there.

EthanG said...

Hi Matt, our ambient temperatures here last week got up into the negative single digits (it's -15 right now), but December down here is the equivalent of June up north. It's a whole different ballgame when winter temps settle in. I definitely went from one extreme to another regarding work tasking, from unemployment to over-employment! It's mostly good, though, and I'm glad to be here and being productive (and banking a paycheck). Give my best to your whole crew there in colorful Colorado, and it was great to hear from you!
Take care,

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