Friday, July 31, 2009

Pack Rats & Womp Rats

I'm well along with packing my junk to drag to the bottom of the world now. A lot of the stuff I'm taking is just the same as last time, but I'm tweaking the contents a bit. Last week I went down to Wichita and got a lot of toiletries and whatnot that I needed for my year's supply. While in the big city I went to one of the Warren Theaters and saw the movie "Moon", which was great. I found out afterwards that the director is singer David Bowie's son, which is interesting.

The weather here has been unusually cool in the evenings/nights, which has been nice. I had a pleasant bike ride around the lake last night at sunset, which was only occasionally detracted upon by inhaling a few flying insects. Other than that, I only met 2 cars the whole time, and had a great view of the ball of fire as it headed for the horizon. I still find it remarkable that happens every day here in lower latitudes.

A quick spin out to the east coast for some training with science groups is in the works for me, too. I may be headed to California for another quick training trip as well, but haven't gotten any details about that one yet. I still hope to pull off a road trip out west for a bit of fun, but am playing that totally by ear as the weeks go by.

Hearing about last weekend's events at the Comic-Con in San Diego has been interesting. It sounds like it is a really fun event to attend. The Star Wars Universe seems to have a lot of cool stuff in the pipeline, and I wish I could somehow get to keep watching The Clone Wars when season two finally kicks off. But, timely consumption of contemporary popular media isn't really an aspect of the experience of living at the South Pole.

“One of the most frightening things about your true nerd, for many people, is not that he's socially inept - because everybody's been there - but rather his complete lack of embarrassment about it.”
~Neal Stephenson


Becky said...

So when are you scheduled to deploy?

EthanG said...

Last week of September, but I'm not sure about the exact date.

Becky said...

Hey, it's not often you get on the plane in Colorado and get shunted straight through to the Ice, much less Pole. Feel free to stop by Chicago before you leave.