Saturday, February 21, 2009

Holding pattern

Well, there have not been loads of developments on this end of things in the last week. One option in Los Angeles dried up, but it was not all that big a surprise to me. I'm just keeping my eyes peeled for any sort of good opportunity. If I were to go back to Pole in October I would not want to be unemployed that whole time in the interim, so I have begun looking for employment options that might be good to keep me occupied over the summer. I might return to work at some old stomping grounds that helped shape my young mind back in the day, but we'll see what comes of it. Nothing is very certain nowadays.

Last night a bunch of friends and family gathered for dinner over at Cottonwood Falls to celebrate some birthdays and a wedding anniversary. It was nice to see folks again after such a long absence, if however briefly. It also feels good to be able to patronize businesses in these small towns. It is amazing to think how much more vibrant the business scene was even as recently as when my parents' generation were kids.

I got word of a pretty awesome trip being put together by the folks I sailed with on the Soren Larsen (from Auckland to Easter Island, 37 days underway in 2007). They will be sailing a circumnavigation route, starting and ending in England. It will be a voyage of over a year, and the inner sailor in me sure wishes I could afford the time and money involved to tag along. It certainly will be an adventure of pretty epic proportions.

The same little voice in my head tells me that I would have ended up contacting Sir Ernest Shackleton after reading his call for expedition members:

"Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success."

Sounds great, when do we leave?

Soren Larsen setting sail from Easter Island, 2007

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