Friday, December 21, 2007

MCI complete, whew!

Well, the MCI drill happened yesterday morning. It simulated a bulldozer running into the Summer Camp head unit and causing a fire and chlorine gas release. Team 2 did a good job with all 8 patient extractions, and while we could have done things better (when isn't that the case, regardless of any team's experience) it went off quite well. We managed not to get any of our responders hurt or killed, which I guess has been a problem in MCI drills in the past. I was very glad to have spent so many hours working extra on the fire brigade, and it was a marked difference in comfort and confidence in my position as lead even compared to just our previous drills in the last couple weeks. I think I understand what skills and topics our training will need to cover in the coming weeks, and hopefully we can address them and become an even more solid and competent team than we are already. It's amazing how quickly people are picking up on a lot of this, despite having a good number of us having such little firefighting experience before coming down here. I'll see if I can get any body's permission to use any pictures from the drill, since I was a little too busy and encumbered to be taking any of my own.

Today is thankfully much less hectic, and I'm all geared up to go eat chicken fried steak for lunch. La vita e bella!

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Mike and Nancy said...

Sorry that I have not written sooner. Enjoy your blog and getting to know the area.
We are in Blue Springs at the Bennetts tonight. We have our gift exchange tonight. Everyone in Nancy's family but Amy will be here.
We drove up this a.m. Now 32 here, 60 in St. Louis. Sleeting.
Going to be looking at computers. Nancy and I are getting one as a present to each. I am thinking of an Apple. Want to do some scans of pictures. What do you think about that vs PC?
We go to Marion tomorrow for the night. Will miss ya.
Take care. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.
Mike Good